20 September 2021
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The Pros and Cons of Slimming World

What is Slimming World?

Slimming World is an English weight loss club for women. It has two ranks – an intermediate and advanced club for women. The intermediate club is for women who have not succeeded in losing weight because of lack of time. The ways of burning calories and feeding muscles, are explained adequately on the Slimming World web site. The meals are low in calories as well as healthy. When you decide to join the Club, you will also have access to meal planning and recipes, an exercise diary and a weight loss forum.

Basically, if you can’t live with the diet plan then it’s probably not something you should invest in. So it is important to assess the pros and cons of all slimming clubs and decide for yourself whether it suits you.  Here are the pros and cons of Slimming World:


• The program teaches you how to lose weight, maintain the loss, and improve your health Overall you’re better off with the diet plan. The include both their diet and their stress management which is a big plus.

• You get 24/7 customer support.

• An evaluation each month helps to keep you on track. It’s not a cookie cutter program.

• They have dozens of recipes for “dieters journal” and free food tips.

•  Available to all age groups. Children, teens, adult.


• Meal abnormalities

• Dieters get bad breath if they’re not eating right.

• Too much focus on diet whether you need to lose weight or not can become a bit excessive.

The Approach

So to summarise, what are the aspects of Slimming World that make it unique from recognised diet plans and fads from around the globe. In addition, to the appetite suppression, here are the following approaches which the slimming club adopts:

The  “Competition” Approach

It seems that Slimming World takes on that approach that everything is done under one roof – like from Oprah’s side-buffers to the Weight Watchers program. It’s the “one-on-one” approach that seems to work best and remember that they’re all about the quality of the program and not the quantity.

The “Clean plate” Approach

The concept of clean plate is in vogue again – it’s not rare to see vegetarians now (and Atkins has really brought that into focus). The concept is, of course, to fill your half plate with the healthy stuff like green vegetables, fruits and lean protein.

The “Diet friendly” Environment Approach

You go to the diet refrigerator where they have all the low carb, low fat options available. Then they bring in the calorie math. Every meal is calculated into the calories you need.

Final Words

If you’re considering going on the Slimming World program I would definitely take a look. Personally, I’m a big fan of the “lean and green” foods. The foods have all the natural nutrients, low calorie count and fibre that are essential for a well rounded diet. Of course being on a diet does not mean you have to cut down on the foods you love. Oh, and everything is commented under the guidelines of your program or you can call them up at any time and they will, usually, make any adjustments to the plan.

If you can maintain a positive attitude, you will be able to learn a lot from others. You will feel a strong sense of self, which will make you push more in your life. Whenever you are faced with a problem or get tempted to deviate from a strict diet or lifestyle, you can always refer back to an earlier source such as yourself! A positive and confident attitude is the first step; after this you will need to apply certain techniques to guarantee your success.

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